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Eggs DELTA series flowmeter common specifications are as follows:

Measurement of fluid types:

  • Liquid:the circulating cooling water, pure water, alcohol and various aqueous solutions
  • Gases:air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and a variety of wet gas

Can be measured fluid temperature range:

  • Liquid:–10 ~ +80℃(not frozen
  • Gases:–10 ~ +60℃

Maximum working pressure:0.98 MPa,9.8 kg/cm2

Accuracy:±3%(flow range)



  • R3/8,R1/2,R1-1/4(NPTmale)
  • RC1/4,RC1/2,RC1(female)

Flow range:

  • Liquid:0.4 ~ 133 L/min
  • Gases:7.2 ~ 850 L/min

Display:LCD digital, instantaneous values (L / h, L / min), the cumulative value (L), the zero function

Power:lithium batteries or external power supply(12 ~ 45VDC)

Protection class:about IP53 waterproof

Output signal:4 ~ 20mA, pulse, alarm

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Aichi Tokei Gas flowmeter

Image description

Aichi Tokei Gas flowmeter

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Gas flowmeter