Energytek Flame Switch:

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Energytek, Flame switch of compatible Honeywell ultraviolet flame sensor and flame rod 

  • Application:all kinds of burner or combustion device Honeywell ultraviolet flame detection, flame rod flame detection, or ultraviolet light detection
  • Installation:aluminum rail or wall mounted dual-use
  • Honeywell Available UV flame sensor model:C7012A/C/G、C7027A、C7035A、C7044A
  • Honeywell Available flame rod sensor Model:C7004B、C7005A/B、C7007A、C7008A、C7009A、C7011A、Q179A/B/C/D

Any brand flame rod can be used

CE Certification:LVD:SM2K09016,EMC:SE2K09028

Patent: Taiwan & China


With power & Flame ON lamp indicator

Contact load:

  • UV :8A
  • Flame rod :5A
  • A and B multi contact point output

Operation power:115/230V AC

Image descriptionImage description