Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is an energy-saving environmental protection device used to treat low- and medium-concentration volatile organic exhaust gas. The product supplied by our company has large flux, low pressure and high efficiency.

Advantages: It can effectively remove volatile organic solvents (VOCs) in organic waste gas by 95% ~ 99%, and its heat recovery efficiency can also reach more than 95%, and its efficiency can meet the requirements of environmental protection laws and regulations of various countries to solve air pollution .

Note: Energytek can provide double-cabin RTO (purification rate ≧ 95%) and rotary RRTO, multi-cabin RTO (purification rate ≥ 98%).

Performance parameters:
Treatment gas: hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon, alcohol, ether, phenol, aldehyde, benzene and other hydrocarbon-containing organic waste gas.
Exhaust flow rate: 50 ~ 2300 NCMM (Nm3 / min)
Exhaust temperature: 20 ~ 150 ℃
Gas concentration: 50 PPM ~ 20,000 PPM (<1/4 LEL gas explosion lower limit)
Burning temperature:> 800 ℃, ≦ 1050 ℃
Heat recovery rate: ≧ 95%, usually the exhaust temperature is slightly higher than the intake temperature by about 40 ℃.
Heat recovery rate = (furnace temperature - exhaust temperature) / (furnace temperature - intake temperature)
Safety device: other abnormal alarm device
Advantages of the device:
For ultra-low fuel costs, when the concentration of organic waste gas is above (1300 PPM methane), the RTO unit does not need to add auxiliary fuel.
The purification rate is high, and the purification rate is above 95 ~ 99%.
No secondary pollution such as NOX.
Regenerative ceramics: Honeycomb, single-structure honeycomb ceramic + Saddle, rectangular saddle ceramic ring.
Fully automatic fanless industrial computer + Mitsubishi PLC control + 17 "~ 22" color touch screen, graphical interface, simple operation and low operation cost.
The double-cabin RTO uses a high-precision pneumatic four-way valve as the exhaust gas switching valve, with a leakage rate of <1%, which significantly improves the removal rate.
Multi-cabin RTO adopts high-precision pneumatic butterfly valve for gas switching. The overall efficiency is equivalent to rotary RTO, but maintenance is easier and the failure rate is lower.
Low-concentration VOC can be concentrated by using a zeolite runner with appropriate molecular sieve according to the gas molecular diameter. The concentration ratio is about 5 to 25 times, and the appropriate ratio is determined according to the air volume and the composition and concentration of VOC.
High security.