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Excellent Pyrometer !!!

A variety of infrared non-contact radiant continuous use Thermometer/ Pyrometer, infrared scanners, thermal imagers, test and calibration system (blackbody furnace), portable and stationary models.

Signal wave, Dual waves, Multi maves, Two color Pyrometer supply,

USA Williamson, Germany Heitronics

    Temperature range:-50℃~3030℃

    Processing factory of steel plants, metal smelting, glass, paper mills, cement plants, plastic plants, rubber plants, pharmaceutical plants, semiconductor plants, food plants, electrical and electronic plants, ceramic plants, textile mills, incinerators, asphalt plant,dyeing and finishing plant using infrared temperature measurement system to measure the melt temperature, Acer can provide high quality and reliable temperature measurement system. Measurement technology development center in Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute and Qingling Industrial Research Center used Land blackbody calibration furnace to do the calibration of infrared pyrometer. Energytek provide you the correct choice of products and services to ensure the reliability of your temperature measurement. The world renowned brands and provide technical support, stable and reliable quality.

    Application industries:

      Cement and lime industry, ceramic industry, electronic industry, food industry, glass industry (container glass and flat glass), optical fiber manufacturing, iron and steel industry, aluminum (aluminium anchor heating, aluminum extrusion, aluminum hardening, aluminum processing)metal processing industry, pulp and paper, footwear, medical / biochemical technology, pharmaceuticals, plastics, plastic film industry, rubber industry, textile industry, the tobacco industry, the asphalt industry, materials, metallurgy, environmental monitoring, thermal investigation, the turbine, the motor industrymilitary defense, and maintenance industry.

    Infrared Thermometer/ Pyrometer major customers:

      China Steel and Yieh United Steel, Ye Hui steel, still bearing steel, Taiwan Glass, China Glass, Lucky Cement, Picvue photoelectric, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Academia Sinica, the the Qingling Industrial Research Center, National Cheng Kung University, Union University, Zhongshan University, Oceanthe University of the Lianzhong steel, Chinese wheel, Corning glass, Taiwan's first biotechnology aggressively photoelectric, Mori 鉅 technology, China Petroleum Wan silver machinery, Pacific Electric Wire & Cable, the Ministry of Health, glass, Acme Electronics, coincidentally, the new industrialLian Hong, North Confucian sophisticated CROSS electronic materials, the Fuyang optoelectronic, Yan Ying, science and technology ... and so on

    We also provide television monitor system for high-temperature furnace above 1200 degrees C, please contact us. Major customers:
      Taiwan Glass, 台灣玻璃

    Energytek sales agent For any application, please contact us.