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Korea Olympia/Seung Hwa Gun-Type Burner

    Korean Olympia/Seung Hwa gun type burner with excellent combustion properties of the model a wide range of easy to install, suitable for use in the boiler, hot air furnace, oven, conservatory air conditioning, and about 600 degrees C below the heated combustion purposes.

    Suitable for industry: boilers, hot air furnace (Painting), oven, frying stove, conservatory air conditioning, drying oven, glass annealing, degreasing furnace, carbonization furnace, incinerator ...

    Use of fuel: natural gas, LPG, diesel, heavy oil

    Control action models heat size: On-Off, Hi-Low, Hi-Mid-Low-Off, Modulating (4~20mA) depend on burner capacity.

    The use of voltage: 220V, 380V

    Flame detection methods: photoresistor, Flame rods, UV Sensor, UV flame detector, the IR Sensor, infrared flame detectors and other ...