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Professional design and manufacture of various industrial furnaces & kilns: including ceramic industry, precision ceramic industry, steel / aluminum alloy / copper alloy industry, electronics industry, metal and ceramic raw material industry, chemical raw material industry, etc. batch furnaces and continuous furnaces, high temperature heating Combustion furnaces, trolley tunnel kilns, various rotary kilns, rotary drying furnaces, metal heat treatment furnaces, various incinerators, garbage incinerators, hot dip zinc furnaces, ceramic firing kilns, 1700 ℃ high temperature electric furnaces and gas combustion kilns, Atmospheric electric furnace, degreasing furnace, debinding furnace, deodorizing furnace, hot air generator, drying furnace, CNS / ISO standard fire door test furnace, wood and plastic carbonization furnace, activated carbon carbonization / activation furnace, combustion control system and equipment, VOCs Organic waste gas incinerator, RTO / RRTO regenerative combustion type organic waste gas treatment equipment, TO direct combustion type waste gas incinerator, coal contact catalytic organic waste gas purifier, activated carbon fiber solvent recovery device, activated carbon adsorption tower, organic waste gas condensation system, organic solvent fractionator, various RTO regenerative ceramics / tower packings, carbonization furnace, human-machine interface integration, automatic production line, etc. as well as special refrigeration system and high temperature heat exchanger.

Sales agents: Italy Scame continuous atmosphere furnace, Scame brazing furnace, Scame brazing furnace, Scame powder metallurgy sintering furnace, US Williamson infrared thermometer, German Heitronics infrared thermometer, infrared scanner, South Korean Olympia gun type burners, Korean Seung Hwa gun type burners, Turkey Ecostar gun type burner, molybdenum disilicide heating element, activated carbon fiber felt and cloth, Honeycomb, MLM, Saddles and other regenerative ceramics and tower packings.

Energytek Company distributes digital control of combustion control systems, infrared pyrometers, infrared scanners, gun-type burners, continuous atmosphere furnaces, brazing furnaces, powder metallurgy sintering furnaces, temperature, pressure and other digital controllers, ceramic packings for chemical and environmental protection equipment, etc., high specific surface area activated carbon fiber cloth / felt.

Energytek company also provides the output equipments of the whole automatic brick making machine and kiln, RTO, RRTO and other VOCs organic waste gas incineration and elimination equipment.