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Combustion Control Equipment

The main products are sold in: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Taiwan

The combustion control system is composed of many parts and appliances, equipments that use and control fuel need to have a safe and stable control function. Therefore, there are strict requirements on the conditions of design and use. In addition to the safety regulations related to combustion, we must pay special attention to various instructions and warning statements in the purchase and installation configuration.

The most common safety regulations related to combustion are: UL, IRI, FM, CSA, AGA, CE, etc. There are specific specifications for the construction requirements of equipment and the configuration of pipelines.

Common burner brands: Five North American, Maxon, Eclipse, Hauck, Selas, Pyronics, Stordy, Krom Schroder, Narita, Asia, Olympia, Seung Hwa, Ecostar, Vulcan,

If you need various brands of burners and combustion control equipment, please contact our company.

Aichi Tokei American Meter ASCO Auburn Autolite
Brahma Daiichi Nekken Olympia Dwyer Eclipse
Energytek Siemens Fischer Fisher Vulcan
Hauck Heitronics Honeywell Hope Htech
Selas UECI Jeavons Joventa Katsura
Krom Schroder Land LECIP Manostar Maxitrol
Maxon MLM Naniwa Narita Nenutec
Nissyo NOP North American Ohkura Oval
Paul Gothe Pyronics Stordy TAIE Ecostar
Seung Hwa Scame