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The professional design of a variety of industrial furnace manufacture, including the ceramic industry, fine ceramic industry, steel, aluminum, copper alloy industry, electronics industry, metal and ceramic raw materials industry, batch furnaces, continuous furnaces, VOC, organic waste gas incinerator, RTO, high temperature furnace, car type tunnel kiln, rotary kiln, rotary furnace, metal heat treatment furnace, ceramic kiln, hot air furnace, the deodorizing furnace, the degreasing furnace, building materials fire test furnace, vacuum furnace, wood carbonization furnace, drying furnace, atmosphere furnace, enamel ovens, incinerators, ovens, and sintering furnace, the test furnaces, steel annealing, stress relieving, normalizing treatment furnace, lift electric furnace, bell furnace, mesh belt furnace, brazing furnace, carbonization furnace, multiple hearth furnace, activated carbon manufacturing furnace, human-computer mediatedsurface integration, automated production lines, etc., and special refrigeration systems.

Energytek company marketing agent of the world famous brands combustion control parts, infrared pyrometer, infrared thermal imager, infrared pyrometer scanner, oxygen analyzer, gun-type burner, temperature, humidity, pressure controller, ceramic packing parts, activated carbon fiber cloth / felt. The company also provides automatic kilns combustion control systems,VOC incinerator, RTO, RRTO.